2m Series


The name “2M” was chosen as it represents the abbreviation
for moving magnet, MM.
The four-model 2M line was originally introduced in 2008, and
since then the range has been extended to include True-mono
models 2M MONO and 78. Also available are models with
expanded mounting options, such as Verso



The 2M Series’ engines, coils and magnets configurations are not identical: Red and Blue are identical, so are the Bronze and Black and so are the true mono variants 2M Mono and 2M 78. Likewise, 2M series styli are interchangeable within the below combinations:
– 2M Red, 2M Blue and 2M Silver
– 2M Bronze and 2M Black
– 2M Mono and 2M 78

Additional information

2m Series

Red, Red Verso, Blue, Blue Verso, Bronze, Bronze Verso, Black, Black Verso, Mono, Mono Verso, 78, 78 Verso


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